ÉLECTRIQUE DU NORD has earned a solid reputation for service. Reliability and quality of its services have contributed to its
rapid growth. Our consulting services and tools enable us to quickly develop and establish strategies to provide the desired results.

ÉLECTRIQUE DU NORD the quality of our services is our forte. We offer a wide range of products that will meet your
requirements. Whether for an estimate, an inspection or for carrying out the work, our team will be happy to answer your needs.

Commercial, institutional or industrial sector

Interior / exterior lighting
• Installation of new systems: Wall-mounted / Decorative / Recessed / Track lighting / Projectors / Fluorescent / Signage
• LED lighting
• Lighting conversion
• Low-voltage lighting system
• Repair / Maintenance of: Fluorescent tubes / Halogen bulbs - incandescent bulbs - quartz bulbs / Ballasts

Lighting for commercial parking facilities
• Wall-mounted
• Marquees
• Streetlights

Wiring for signage

Electrical hookup
• Increase in voltage (up to 600 volts)
• New distribution or sub-panel

New equipment / machinery
• Installation
• Repair
• Hookup


• Data
• Telephony
• Fire alarms

Seismic protection systems

Fire alarm systems

Specialized equipment
• Insulated aerial basket (up to 82 feet high)
• Mini-excavator

Residential Sector

Replacing old wiring

• Repair / Replacement / Addition
• New installations: Baseboards / Convectors / Furnaces
• Conversion: Heating oil / Mazout to electricity
• Modification of central heating systems in order to transfer heating costs to tenants

Electrical hookup
• Overhead / Underground
• Upgrade as required
• Increased voltage
• Redistribution

Indoor / outdoor lighting
• Installation / Repair
• New system: Ceiling light / Catenary lighting / Wall-mounted / Recessed / Track lighting / Fluorescent / Lamps

Miscellaneous electrical hookups, with or without installation
• Fans
• Range hoods
• Jacuzzis
• Swimming pools
• Garage doors
• More

Visual inspection, including written report
• Requested by insurer
• When purchasing a home or a condo